Luminar unveils new LiDAR sensor with improved range and resolution at Investor Day

Luminar, a leading provider of automotive LiDAR technology, unveiled a new LiDAR sensor called Iris Plus at its recent Investor Day event. The sensor boasts improved range and resolution compared to previous versions, which could be a significant step towards making autonomous vehicles a reality.

According to the company, the new sensor has a range of 500 meters and can detect objects with a reflectivity as low as 10% – a notable improvement from Luminar’s previous LiDAR systems. Additionally, the Iris Plus has a horizontal field of view of 120 degrees and a vertical field of view of 30 degrees, which allows for a wider detection range.

The Iris Plus is also designed to work seamlessly with Luminar’s software platform, which enables autonomous vehicles to accurately perceive and interpret their surroundings. The platform uses a combination of LiDAR data, camera images, and other sensors to create a detailed 3D map of the environment.

Luminar’s Founder and CEO, Austin Russell, spoke about the company’s vision for the future of autonomous vehicles at the Investor Day event. He said that the company’s goal is to make autonomous vehicles a reality and that LiDAR technology is a critical component of achieving that goal.

Luminar’s LiDAR technology is already being used by several major automakers, including Volvo, Audi, and Toyota. The company is also in talks with other potential customers in the automotive industry.

Overall, the Iris Plus is a significant step forward in the development of LiDAR technology for autonomous vehicles. With its improved range and resolution, it has the potential to help make self-driving cars safer and more reliable. Luminar’s continued innovation and leadership in the LiDAR space will be interesting to watch as the technology continues to advance.