TikTok Bans and Scrutiny Escalates as House Panel Advances Latest Bill

TikTok has been facing scrutiny and bans from various countries worldwide over the past few years. In the latest development, a House panel has advanced a new bill that would make it harder for Chinese-owned companies like TikTok to operate in the US. The bill would require companies to prove they are not controlled by a foreign government and disclose any data they collect from Americans. The move comes as concerns about data privacy and security continue to grow. TikTok, in particular, has been under fire for allegedly sharing user data with the Chinese government, something the company denies. The app has also faced criticism for its handling of user data, with reports of the app accessing users’ clipboard data without permission. In response to the growing scrutiny, TikTok has implemented various measures to address concerns. The company has hired US-based executives, including a new CEO, and opened a transparency center in the US. The app has also introduced new privacy features, including a family safety mode and an option to block certain types of content. Despite these efforts, TikTok’s future in the US remains uncertain. The app has faced several bans and legal challenges, with former President Trump trying to ban the app altogether in 2020. While the ban was later blocked by the courts, the Biden administration has continued to scrutinize the app’s data practices. In conclusion, TikTok continues to face scrutiny and bans worldwide as concerns about data privacy and security grow. While the app has implemented various measures to address concerns, its future in the US remains uncertain. The advancement of the new bill by the House panel highlights the growing concerns about Chinese-owned companies and their operations in the US. It remains to be seen how this will impact TikTok and other similar companies in the future.