Jackbox 9 party game to support translation into multiple languages

The popular party game developer Jackbox Games has announced that its upcoming title, Jackbox 9, will support translation into multiple languages. This means that players around the world will be able to enjoy the game in their native language, making it more accessible and inclusive.

The Jackbox Party Pack series has been a hit since its debut in 2014, offering a variety of party games that can be played on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and gaming consoles. The games are known for their humor and accessibility, with many of them requiring only a smartphone as a controller.

According to Jackbox Games, the decision to support translation was made in response to feedback from players who wanted to play the games in their native language. The company has not yet announced which languages will be supported, but it has stated that it will be providing updates on the translation process in the coming months.

Jackbox 9 is currently in development, and the company has not yet announced a release date. However, fans of the series can expect more of the same irreverent humor and accessible gameplay that have made the Jackbox Party Pack games so popular.

In addition to Jackbox 9, Jackbox Games has also announced that it is working on a new game show-inspired game called Split the Room. This game will allow players to create their own hypothetical scenarios and see how their friends react to them. Split the Room is expected to be released later this year.