YouTube creators can now easily dub their videos in multiple languages

In an effort to make content on YouTube more accessible to viewers who speak different languages, YouTube has announced a new feature that makes it easy for creators to dub their videos in multiple languages. The feature, called YouTube Dub Studio, is available to all creators and allows them to create dubs of their videos using automated speech recognition and machine translation technology.

With this new feature, creators can quickly create dubs of their videos by recording a new audio track using their own voice or by using the automated voiceover option. The automated option uses YouTube’s speech recognition and machine translation technology to generate a new audio track based on the creator’s original audio. Creators can then use YouTube’s editing tools to adjust the timing and placement of the new audio track to ensure that it syncs up properly with the video.

The new feature is part of YouTube’s ongoing efforts to make its platform more accessible to viewers around the world. According to YouTube, over 60% of a creator’s audience on the platform comes from outside their home country, and many of these viewers may not speak the creator’s language fluently. By allowing creators to easily create dubs of their videos, YouTube hopes to make it easier for these viewers to enjoy the content they love.

In addition to the new dubbing feature, YouTube has also announced a new translation tool that makes it easier for viewers to understand video titles and descriptions in different languages. When a creator uploads a video, they can now add translated titles and descriptions for the video in different languages. When a viewer visits the video’s page, they will see the translated titles and descriptions based on their preferred language settings.

These new features are a welcome addition for YouTube creators and viewers alike, as they make it easier to create and consume content in multiple languages. With over 2 billion monthly active users and over 1 billion hours of video watched every day, YouTube is one of the largest and most influential platforms on the internet, and these new features will help ensure that it remains accessible to viewers and creators from around the world.