Google introduces new Magic Eraser tool for One subscribers on iPhone and Pixel

Google has released a new tool called Magic Eraser that allows Google One subscribers to easily remove unwanted objects from their photos on iPhone and Pixel devices. The tool is available in the Google Photos app and can be accessed by selecting a photo and tapping the edit button. Once in the editor, users can select the Magic Eraser tool and draw over the unwanted object they want to remove. The tool will then analyze the photo and remove the object seamlessly, blending the surrounding pixels to create a natural-looking image.

The Magic Eraser tool uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to determine the best way to remove objects from a photo. It can remove objects of any shape or size, including people, animals, and even buildings. The tool works by identifying the object that needs to be removed and then filling in the space with pixels from the surrounding area. The tool is designed to be user-friendly, with a simple interface and easy-to-use controls.

The tool is available exclusively to Google One subscribers, which is Google’s paid storage service. The service offers users a range of benefits, including extra storage space, premium support, and access to exclusive features like Magic Eraser. The tool is available to subscribers on both iPhone and Pixel devices and can be accessed through the Google Photos app.

Google has been investing heavily in machine learning and artificial intelligence, and Magic Eraser is just one example of the company’s efforts in this area. The tool is a powerful addition to Google Photos and makes it easy for users to edit their photos and remove unwanted objects. With Magic Eraser, users can create perfect photos without having to spend hours editing them manually. The tool is likely to be popular with Google One subscribers, who will be able to take advantage of its powerful capabilities to improve their photos.