Verizon to Charge Extra Fee for Some of Its Older Unlimited Plans

Verizon, one of the largest mobile network operators in the US, is set to add a new fee on some of its older unlimited data plans. The new charge will apply to customers who still have one of the company’s grandfathered unlimited plans and who use more than 50GB of data per month. The fee is expected to be $10 per month and will come into effect in the coming months.

Verizon has said that the fee is necessary to manage network congestion and to invest in expanding its network infrastructure. The company claims that customers on the affected plans use an average of 200GB of data per month, which puts a strain on the network.

This move by Verizon is likely to affect a relatively small percentage of its customer base, as the majority of customers have already switched to the company’s newer unlimited plans. However, for those who are still on the grandfathered plans, the new fee may come as a surprise and an unwelcome one at that.

The move is also likely to draw criticism from consumer groups and regulators, who may view the new fee as a way for Verizon to force customers off its older plans and onto its newer, more expensive plans. However, Verizon has said that customers who are affected by the new fee can switch to one of the company’s newer unlimited plans without penalty.

Overall, the new fee is just the latest in a series of changes that Verizon has made to its wireless plans in recent years. The company has been trying to simplify its offerings and to shift its customers onto newer, more expensive plans that offer more features and benefits. While this strategy has been successful in some respects, it has also led to criticism from some customers who feel that the company is trying to nickel and dime them at every turn.