Reddit introduces new search bar for comments and posts

Reddit has announced a new feature that will allow users to search for comments and posts more easily. The feature will be available on both the web and mobile versions of the site, and will be accessible through a new search bar located at the top of the page. Users can enter a keyword or phrase in the search bar, and Reddit will return results that include both posts and comments related to that keyword.

According to Reddit, this new search feature was created in response to feedback from users who wanted a more efficient way to find specific comments or posts on the site. Previously, users had to rely on the site’s existing search function, which was limited to searching for posts only. With this new feature, users will be able to search for comments as well, making it easier to find relevant discussions and information.

The new search bar will also include filters that allow users to narrow their search results by time frame, subreddit, and more. For example, users can choose to search for comments or posts from a specific subreddit or within a certain time frame.

In addition to the new search bar, Reddit is also introducing a new comment search page. This page will allow users to search for specific comments on the site, and will include a list of the most popular comments related to their search. The page will also include filters that allow users to sort comments by relevance or date.

Reddit has been working to improve its search functionality in recent years, and this new feature is the latest step in that effort. The company has acknowledged that its search capabilities have been lacking in the past, and has made improving search a priority. With this new search bar and comment search page, Reddit is taking a big step forward in making it easier for users to find the content they’re looking for on the site.