EVOLVE Racing sets a new record at the 2023 King of the Hammers EV Off-Road race

EVOLVE Racing made history at the 2023 King of the Hammers EV Off-Road race by setting a new record for the fastest lap time. The team’s custom-built electric vehicle, the EVOLVE Blade, was piloted by professional driver and team owner, Rhys Millen, who completed the grueling 90-mile course in just under three hours.

The King of the Hammers is known as the toughest one-day off-road race in the world, featuring a course that includes rock crawling, high-speed desert running, and treacherous climbs up steep hills. The race takes place in Johnson Valley, California and is a popular event for off-road enthusiasts and spectators alike.

EVOLVE Racing’s success at the event is a testament to the power and potential of electric vehicles in off-road racing. The team’s Blade is powered by a custom-built electric drivetrain and battery system, which provides instantaneous torque and impressive acceleration.

The Blade’s electric powertrain also offers several advantages over traditional internal combustion engines, including reduced emissions, lower maintenance costs, and the ability to operate quietly, making it a great option for off-road racing in environmentally sensitive areas.

EVOLVE Racing’s success at the King of the Hammers is just the latest example of the growing trend of electric vehicles in motorsports. As battery technology continues to improve, we can expect to see more and more electric vehicles competing in a variety of motorsports, from off-road racing to Formula 1.