Microsoft’s Bing AI chatbot to be available on iOS, Android, Edge and Skype apps

Microsoft’s Bing AI chatbot, which is currently only available on the company’s website, will soon be available on iOS, Android, Edge, and Skype apps. The chatbot, which is powered by Microsoft’s Cortana AI technology, provides users with a way to get quick answers to their questions by simply typing them into the chat interface. The AI chatbot uses natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to understand user queries and provide accurate and helpful responses. The addition of the chatbot to these popular apps will make it more accessible to a wider range of users, and will likely help to increase its popularity. The chatbot will also be able to learn from its interactions with users, improving its ability to provide relevant and helpful information over time.According to Microsoft, the chatbot is designed to be used as a supplement to other search options, such as traditional search engines, and is not meant to replace them entirely. However, the addition of the chatbot to these popular apps could make it a more attractive option for users who prefer a more conversational approach to getting answers to their questions.The Bing AI chatbot is just one example of how AI technology is being used to improve the user experience of various apps and services. As AI continues to evolve, we can expect to see more and more applications of this technology, both in the world of search and beyond. With the addition of the chatbot to these popular apps, users can look forward to a more convenient and user-friendly way of accessing the power of AI.