Tesla plans to allow non-Tesla EV owners to access Superchargers through payment app

Tesla, the world-renowned EV manufacturer, has announced plans to allow non-Tesla EV owners to access its Supercharger network through a payment app. The company is expected to roll out the new feature in the coming months, making it easier for non-Tesla EV owners to recharge their vehicles on the go.

Tesla’s Supercharger network is the most extensive EV charging network in the world, with over 25,000 chargers across North America, Europe, and Asia. The charging stations offer fast charging speeds, allowing Tesla owners to recharge their vehicles in minutes rather than hours.

The company had previously stated that it would not allow other EV manufacturers to use its Supercharger network, citing concerns over compatibility and quality of service. However, the company appears to have changed its tune, as it is now developing an app that will allow non-Tesla EV owners to access the Supercharger network using their own payment method.

The new app will be available on both iOS and Android devices and will be free to download. Once installed, users will be able to locate nearby Supercharger stations, view their availability, and initiate a charging session. Payments can be made through the app using a credit card or other supported payment methods.

While Tesla has not provided specific details on how much it will charge non-Tesla EV owners for using its Supercharger network, it is expected that the pricing will be similar to what Tesla owners currently pay. The company has stated that it will not be making a profit from the new service and that the pricing will be designed to cover the cost of electricity and maintenance.

The move is seen as a positive step for the EV industry as a whole, as it will help to promote the adoption of electric vehicles by making it easier for owners to recharge their vehicles on long trips. With more and more EVs hitting the roads every day, the demand for fast and reliable charging infrastructure is growing rapidly. Tesla’s Supercharger network is already a significant part of that infrastructure, and the new app will make it even more accessible to a wider range of EV owners.