Get Ready to Express Yourself with New Emoji on iOS 16.4

Apple has announced a new batch of emoji characters that will be available with the release of iOS 16.4. The new set of emoji includes a wide range of diverse options, making it easier than ever to express yourself in conversations with friends and family.

One of the most notable additions is a set of hand gestures that can be used to convey a variety of emotions and reactions, such as a hand over the mouth to express shock or a hand on the chin to indicate deep thought. The new emoji also includes more inclusive and diverse representation, such as a person with a beard, a pregnant man, and a gender-neutral person with a crown.

In addition to these new characters, there are also updates to existing emoji. For example, the heart hands emoji now has a more detailed design, and the fire emoji has been redesigned with a less realistic flame.

This new batch of emoji is a welcome addition to the iOS platform, and it’s clear that Apple is making an effort to promote more inclusive and diverse representation in its emoji offerings. Whether you’re using these new characters to express yourself in a text message, social media post, or email, they’re sure to add a little extra personality and fun to your conversations.