T-Mobile says its Scam Shield blocked 41 billion spam calls in 2022

T-Mobile has announced that its Scam Shield technology blocked 41 billion spam calls in 2022. Scam Shield is a suite of tools that the mobile network provider offers to help customers avoid scam calls and other unwanted communications.

According to T-Mobile, the technology works by analyzing billions of calls and text messages to identify potential scams, blocking them before they can reach the customer’s device. Scam Shield also includes a number of other features, such as the ability to mark certain numbers as spam, to receive alerts about potential scams, and to block unwanted calls and texts. The technology is available to T-Mobile postpaid and Metro by T-Mobile prepaid customers at no extra cost.

The announcement comes as spam and scam calls continue to be a major issue for many mobile users, with some estimates suggesting that billions of such calls are made each year in the United States alone. These calls can be frustrating for consumers and can also put them at risk of identity theft, fraud, and other types of scams.

T-Mobile has been working to combat this issue for several years, and Scam Shield is the latest iteration of its efforts. The company has also partnered with other mobile network providers to develop industry-wide solutions to the problem, and has worked with law enforcement agencies to track down and prosecute scammers.

Overall, the success of Scam Shield in blocking billions of scam calls in 2022 is a positive development for mobile users, and it underscores the importance of technology in addressing this issue. As the problem of scam and spam calls continues to evolve, it is likely that mobile network providers and other companies will continue to invest in new and innovative solutions to protect consumers from these unwanted and potentially dangerous communications.