No Man’s Sky gets fractal VR mode in latest update for PSVR 2.4.1

No Man’s Sky, the popular space exploration game, has received a new update that includes a fractal VR mode for the PlayStation VR 2.4.1. The new update, called the Fractal Frontier, adds a new dimension to the game’s virtual reality experience, allowing players to explore a variety of procedurally generated fractal landscapes.

The new VR mode allows players to experience No Man’s Sky’s massive procedurally generated universe in a whole new way. The fractal landscapes are generated in real-time, creating a unique and dynamic experience with every playthrough. This makes the game’s universe feel more alive and immersive than ever before.

The update also includes new optimizations for the PSVR 2.4.1, allowing the game to run more smoothly and with improved visuals. This includes support for the new headset’s increased resolution and refresh rate, making the game look even better on the new hardware.

In addition to the new VR mode, the Fractal Frontier update also includes new base building options, new creatures to discover, and new missions to undertake. These additions make the game even more expansive and provide new challenges and opportunities for players to explore.

No Man’s Sky has been a popular game since its release in 2016, and has received numerous updates over the years to improve and expand the experience. The addition of the new fractal VR mode is another example of the game’s ongoing evolution, and is sure to delight both new and existing players alike.

Overall, the Fractal Frontier update is a significant addition to No Man’s Sky, and further solidifies the game’s place as one of the best and most expansive space exploration games on the market. With the new VR mode and other additions, there’s never been a better time to jump into the game and explore the universe.