YouTube Music launches Radio Builder for custom stations

YouTube Music has just launched its new feature, the Radio Builder that allows its users to create custom radio stations. This feature is available for both Premium and ad-supported users on Android and iOS devices.

The Radio Builder feature offers a lot of customization options to the users, including the ability to choose songs or artists to be included in the station, the length of the playlist, and how many new songs to add to the station. The user can select up to three songs or artists for each station and can select a range of different moods such as ‘chill’, ‘happy’, or ‘energetic’.

The Radio Builder feature is a great addition to YouTube Music, as it allows users to create personalized stations tailored to their preferences. In the past, YouTube Music has struggled to compete with other music streaming services such as Spotify, but with the addition of new features such as Radio Builder, it is becoming a more viable option for music lovers.

In addition to the new feature, YouTube Music has also made some other changes to improve the user experience. For example, it has increased the number of songs that users can download for offline listening, added support for high-quality audio, and improved the search function to make it easier to find songs, albums, and playlists.

The Radio Builder feature is available in the latest version of YouTube Music on Android and iOS devices. To use the feature, the user needs to click on the ‘New Station’ button and then select the ‘Radio Builder’ option from the list. From there, they can choose the songs or artists they want to include and customize the station to their liking.

In conclusion, the Radio Builder feature is an exciting new addition to YouTube Music, as it allows users to create custom radio stations that cater to their preferences. With the addition of this feature, YouTube Music is slowly but surely becoming a more attractive option for music lovers, as it offers more personalized and customizable options than ever before.