Pokemon Presents event announced for series’ 26th anniversary

The Pokemon Company has announced that it will host a Pokemon Presents event on February 27, 2023, to celebrate the 26th anniversary of the Pokemon series. The event is set to showcase new games and projects related to the franchise.

Pokemon has been a hugely popular franchise since its inception in 1996, with games, anime series, and movies capturing the imaginations of players and viewers around the world. The franchise has evolved over the years, with new creatures, regions, and storylines being introduced to keep things fresh and exciting for fans.

The upcoming Pokemon Presents event is likely to generate a lot of excitement, especially since it comes hot on the heels of the recent release of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, an action role-playing game that takes place in the Sinnoh region of the Pokemon world. The game has received positive reviews from players and critics alike, and has already become a fan favorite.

While no official details have been revealed about what will be showcased at the Pokemon Presents event, rumors and speculation have already begun to swirl. Some fans are hoping to get a glimpse of the next mainline Pokemon game, while others are speculating about the possibility of a new Pokemon movie or anime series. It is also possible that we could see more details about Pokemon Unite, the upcoming multiplayer online battle arena game that features a roster of Pokemon battling it out in real-time.

Whatever is revealed at the Pokemon Presents event, it is sure to be a big moment for fans of the franchise. With the series celebrating its 26th anniversary this year, it is clear that Pokemon continues to be a beloved and enduring part of pop culture. So mark your calendars for February 27, and get ready to catch ’em all!