FTC reportedly won’t challenge Amazon’s acquisition of One Medical

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has reportedly decided not to challenge Amazon’s acquisition of One Medical, a primary healthcare provider. Amazon announced the $2.1 billion deal in December 2022, saying that it will help the company expand into the healthcare sector. One Medical has a network of nearly 100 primary care clinics across the US and offers telehealth services. The acquisition will allow Amazon to offer its employees and customers access to primary care services.

The deal was under review by the FTC to determine whether it would reduce competition or harm consumers. The acquisition would give Amazon a larger presence in the healthcare sector, where it has been increasing its offerings in recent years. The FTC reportedly decided not to challenge the acquisition after concluding that it would not harm competition or lead to antitrust concerns. The decision was reportedly made in a unanimous vote by the FTC commissioners.

Amazon has been expanding its healthcare services in recent years, launching Amazon Pharmacy in 2020 and Amazon Care in 2021. Amazon Pharmacy is an online pharmacy that offers home delivery of prescription drugs, while Amazon Care is a telehealth service that offers virtual medical consultations and home visits. The acquisition of One Medical will help Amazon expand its primary care services and compete with other healthcare providers. The company has said that it plans to continue to invest in the healthcare sector and expand its offerings to meet the needs of its customers.