T-Mobile’s Autopay Credit Card Discount to be Dropped in May

T-Mobile, the US-based mobile network operator, is set to drop its autopay credit card discount in May this year. The discount currently offers $5 off the bill of each T-Mobile line that is paid automatically each month using a credit or debit card. The change will mean that the discount will only apply to customers who use a bank account to set up automatic payments.

T-Mobile has stated that the decision to drop the credit card discount was made due to the rise in card fees. The company has also said that the discount was not providing any significant savings for customers, as the fee increase had wiped out the $5 saving.

This move follows other similar changes made by T-Mobile in recent years, such as the discontinuation of various promotional offers and the rebranding of some plans. T-Mobile has been focusing on creating new plans that offer more data and features to customers, such as the recent release of its Magenta MAX plan that offers unlimited data and access to 4K streaming.

T-Mobile is not the only carrier that has made changes to its autopay discount. Verizon discontinued its autopay discount in August 2020, while AT&T ended its discount for customers on unlimited plans in May 2020.

While some T-Mobile customers may be disappointed by the loss of the credit card discount, the company has assured them that there are still plenty of other ways to save money on their mobile service. T-Mobile offers various plans and promotions, such as its military and first responder discounts, that provide savings to customers.

In conclusion, T-Mobile’s decision to drop its autopay credit card discount is another move in the company’s ongoing efforts to provide better value to its customers. While this change may be disappointing to some customers, there are still plenty of other ways to save on T-Mobile’s mobile service.