Intel CPUs to get performance boost with new Deep Learning Boost instruction set

Intel has announced that it is releasing a new instruction set for its CPUs, called Deep Learning Boost (DL Boost), which will provide a significant performance boost for deep learning tasks. The instruction set will be available on Intel’s upcoming CPUs, including the Ice Lake, Sapphire Rapids, and Granite Rapids families.

Deep learning is a type of artificial intelligence that involves training neural networks on large datasets to recognize patterns and make predictions. These tasks require a lot of computational power, which is why CPUs with DL Boost will be a significant improvement over their predecessors.

The new instruction set will feature new AVX-512 instructions that will speed up common deep learning operations, such as convolution and matrix multiplication, by up to 30%. Additionally, DL Boost will provide new instructions for sparse tensor algebra that will improve the efficiency of sparse tensor operations by up to 5x.

Intel claims that these improvements will result in up to 2.5x faster performance on common deep learning tasks compared to CPUs without DL Boost. This will be a significant improvement for anyone working with large datasets in fields such as computer vision, natural language processing, and robotics.

The new instruction set is part of Intel’s ongoing efforts to improve the performance of its CPUs for deep learning tasks. In addition to DL Boost, Intel has also released several software optimization libraries, such as the Intel Math Kernel Library, which are designed to speed up deep learning operations on Intel CPUs.

Overall, the introduction of DL Boost is a significant development for the field of deep learning and artificial intelligence. With the increased performance of CPUs with DL Boost, researchers and developers will be able to train larger and more complex models, which will lead to new breakthroughs in these fields.