How to configure a mail server

This tutorial will give you instructions about how you can configure a mail server on Linux (same works for other platforms) that will not be treated as a spam by major email providers.

This will not show you how to install the mail server and assumes that you have one already installed. For some tutorial on how to install a mail server check out these resources: Continue reading “How to configure a mail server”

VerifyEmail – PHP class to validate email address

Email address is an essential part of any web from. We are almost always required to enter an email address for anything that we sign up for; contact form, account creation form, subscription form, etc. In a lot of cases it does make sense to require a valid email address. It is often required for communication and for security purpose, other times it is sole purpose is to market a certain product(s) (what you can call spam).

For this reason, a lot of users instinctually enter a bogus email address just to finish the process. While I don’t blame users for doing so, I also provide this class that allows developers to validate an email address and make sure it actually can receive emails. Continue reading “VerifyEmail – PHP class to validate email address”

VPSDime (free) Offloaded MySQL – Whats the catch?!

VPSDime is a great affordable VPS solution for many users. They offer servers starting at $7.99/month with 6GB of RAM. This is the lowest price out there.

On the top of that they offer (free) offloaded MySQL with initial setup fees of $1. This service gives you up to 20GB of MySQL storage to use for databases hosted on their giant MySQL (actually MariaDB) server. Continue reading “VPSDime (free) Offloaded MySQL – Whats the catch?!”

Athan System with raspberry Pi

The athan (or Adhan) is a special Islamic call to salah (prayer). A mu’athin calls athan from the minaret of a mosque to announce every prayer and worship event. According to Islamic custom, the athan is also the first thing that a newborn baby should hear. You can say the words in English, Arabic, or any other language that is meaningful to you.

Prayers in Islam are 5 times a day. Those times vary, so does that athan for them.

Since I am Muslim, I have created an athan “clock” that calls the athan 5 times a day. I use a Raspberry Pi and a speaker connected to it to play the athan sound.

I called it a “system” because it does more than just playing the sound at certain times. Here are all the functionalities it does: Continue reading “Athan System with raspberry Pi”

8.5 hours of SOT on Android!

I love Android phones but I don’t always enjoy the short battery life that I get on my phones. I hate that I have to charge my phone at least 2 times a day if I want to use it the way I want (always browsing the web, checking Facebook, watching Youtube, and have some background tasks running all the time)
I do not run heavy games or apps that require a lot of processing power so I thought I could use the flexibility of Android to get more hours from one charge. Continue reading “8.5 hours of SOT on Android!”

How I automatically notify my family that I am close to home (most likely parking the car)


For many reasons I find it very useful to let my family know that I am getting very close to the house. Mainly because my wife would be able to unlock the door (if she is close by and knows that I will be coming up stairs carrying a lot of grocery bags)

So I thought about a way to do that and I came up with this plan:

  1. Have something running on the Raspberry Pi at home listing to a trigger of some kind to play a sound when I get close.
  2. Use Tasker app to trigger a call to the server based on my phone location

Continue reading “How I automatically notify my family that I am close to home (most likely parking the car)”