I finally got my blog back up after a lot of thinking about which platform I should use. I had it for a few months before 2019 on WP hosted on my own servers. But something was not right...

I have 5+ years of web development and I have strong experience in PHP, so I was never worried about getting my hands dirty and write my own WP plugins/themes/teaks to get the site faster and more secured. However, for my personal blog, I did not want to deal with all of that. I wanted to focus on writing.

So here are the main two reasons I had to move away from WordPress:

Not for blogging anymore

This is not to bash WordPress, but WP has gotten too big. It started as a blogging platform and now it 60% or all websites of all kinds!

This demand makes the basic core code so complicated and over-bloated for the purpose I wanted to use it for.


With all the 3rd party plugins that make it to WP plugin directory, you don't really need to create your own plugins or modify anything in the code. Like smart phones, for everything there is an app; for everything there is a plugin.

But, call me paranoid (I am not) but I do not trust the security of many of these plugins. So, I would have to write my own plugins. Again, that is not what I want with this blog...