Set up VPN Server on Raspberry Pi

VPN servers are a great way to make sure your connection is secure and safe specially when you are connected to open or shared Wifi network. This tutorial will show you how you can set up your own VPN server at you home on Raspberry Pi, so all your connections on remote devices go through this server as if you were connected to your home Wifi.

The software that I am using – Softether – is a free and open source server that allows you to set up multiple VPN protocols. We will only be setting IPSec protocol that uses secure and encrypted connections for your VPN. Continue reading Set up VPN Server on Raspberry Pi

Come On Apple!! A book? Seriously? Apple’s newest product!

With the holiday season, Apple makes sure you have a product for everyone in the family that you can spend all your money on. iPhone is too advanced for your elder family member? No problem, Apple got a book that you can buy for $300. No I did not miss a “.” after the 3. The book does cost three hundred dollars!!

This will give me one more reason not to like Apple and Apple products after Steve Jobs. The irony is that this book is dedicated to Steve Jobs.

Ok now to the tech specs of this book, or whatever….

  • Topic: Designed by Apple | the first of its kind
  • Size: 6.5 x 9.25 inches | 27.75% bigger
  • Color: White, we could also paint it black and rose gold for another $100
  • Weight: 155g | 33.23% lighter
  • Battery life: Indefinite | 40% longer battery life

This the absolutely the BEST book Apple has ever created!!! the VPN for credit cards with [unlimited] IP’s

With all these security breaches nowadays including passwords and credit card numbers being leaked/stolen, it is important to be cautious about where you type important information online.

I personally do not trust the security of many websites, and feel like I should not allow them to process or store my credit/debit cards. Unfortunately, sometimes I have to do that.

In addition to taking the risk and rely on your bank or credit card company to reimburse for transactions made on your compromised card, there is in fact a way to protect yourself! does just that and more… Continue reading the VPN for credit cards with [unlimited] IP’s