VPSDime (free) Offloaded MySQL – Whats the catch?!

VPSDime is a great affordable VPS solution for many users. They offer servers starting at $7.99/month with 6GB of RAM. This is the lowest price out there.

On the top of that they offer (free) offloaded MySQL with initial setup fees of $1. This service gives you up to 20GB of MySQL storage to use for databases hosted on their giant MySQL (actually MariaDB) server.

If you have any experience with RAM-hungry MySQL servers in the past, you know how valuable this can be where you don’t have to worry about tuning your server to stay up with very busy sites that send thousands of queries to MySQL (think Drupal or WordPress)

I have had VPSDime for almost a year and have been very happy with their service and support team. However, there has been one incident that made me write this post. I have a relatively high-traffic WordPress site for a client that I was hosting at DigitalOcean and decided to move it over to VPSDime since I have more RAM for lower price and I don’t have to worry about MySQL crashing every once awhile. Here was the problem VPSDime counts traffic from/to offloaded MySQL towards your bandwidth cap!

Here I stated running out of bandwidth in no time (notice that I have bought additional bandwidth 2 more TB)Screenshot from 2016-05-26 10:16:28-1

I have reached out to their customer support and they confirmed that, and nothing they can do about it 🙁

I am still happy with their service (not offloaded MySQL though) and went back to setting my own MySQL on that VPS.

This is how much the bandwidth dropped after the switch (you can see the spike in memory usage due to MySQL service)
Screenshot from 2016-05-26 10:16:28-2

So there is a catch! 🙂

2 thoughts on “VPSDime (free) Offloaded MySQL – Whats the catch?!”

  1. Lovely article.. You are a saver (in a sense), man. I was about to purchase their offloaded mysql addon, but now I learnt that my BW would take a blow as a result of my greed to save some RAM on my VPS. xD

    1. I am glad I could help. I had to learn the hard way, one of my sites (client site) is a wordpress and has somewhat heavy traffic, I had to upgrade the VPS 3 times and every time I was exceeding the bandwidth in no time. Until I noticed the traffic stats caused by offloaded MySQL. I hope they fix this issue. it seems like they are aware of it though.

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